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Which Type of Air Purifier is Proven Safe and Ozone-Free?

When it comes to the safety of your family, be sure that your choice of air purifier is ozone-free. If you’re on the lookout for air purifiers, that’s a good idea to add another security blanket to your family’s health. But unfortunately, some types of air purifiers are a part of the problem instead of […]

Portable Air Purifiers – Buying Guide

Is a Portable Air Purifier a Must-Have? Portable air purifiers are becoming a must-have household device in the last year and a half, owing to that from pandemics to disasters. Microscopic particles, volatile organic compounds, and vaporous substances are all emitted by houses and buildings. Plastics, furniture, paint, and flooring all release toxic vapors indoors. […]

Best Air Purifiers to Combat Allergies and Asthma

5 Air Purifiers to Keep Allergy and Asthma at Bay Life is hard when you have allergic rhinitis, asthma, and other respiratory health conditions. You feel restricted because you cannot enjoy the outdoors as much as you want. Even if you stay inside the house, indoor pollution can still trigger them and make you suffer […]

Does An Air Purifier Emit Hazardous Ozone In Your Home?

How To Remove Dangerous Ozone From Your Home And Which Air Purifier Filters To Use. Ozone is dangerous and can irritate your respiratory tract. It is usually the product of the emissions of outdoor pollution. Nevertheless, you can also find it indoors as there are items in your home that emit it, including some air […]

Benefits of Air Purifiers for Your Babies

Do You Need an Air Purifier for Your Baby? Absolutely. Since many impurities in the air can pose a risk for your baby, you need an air purifier to clean it effectively. Air cleaning removes many harmful elements in the air, such as dust, bacteria, and pollen. These impurities can cause health problems for babies […]

Benefits of Air Purifier in Healthy Aging

How Air Purifier Promotes Healthy Aging Air gives life, but with a high level of pollution on it, it also threatens the life it supports. Scientific studies confirm that many health concerns are related to a significant concentration of harmful elements in the air. A spotlight from the WHO (World Health Organization) analysis revealed that […]

The 8 Steps Of The Fasting And Cleansing Program

We do not wish to take away your freedom during your anti-aging program. You will be free to live your normal life, but you will follow strictly your individual and 100% customized anti-aging program. We will be nearby to assist you every minute with our fully qualified staff. Today, the world unquestionably is at the […]

We offer Anti-Aging Plan

It includes a revolutionary new method for Life Extension, Weight Loss and Diseases Prevention   We provide Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Programs in four European locations:  – in Hungary (Budapest) famous for its healing thermal spas  –  in Croatia (Makarska) famous for its beautiful Adriatic Rivera  –  in Cyprus (Ayia Napa) famous for its year round warm and sunny weather –  in France (Cannes) famous […]