Erhöhung der Lebenserwartung und Krankheitsbehandlung mit Hilfe von regelmäßigem Fasten und Kalorienreduzierung - der wirksamste wissenschaftlich geprüfte natürliche Anti-Aging Plan

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 Theorie von  aging and life extension.

Up to date modern achievements in sciences (medicine, biology, gerontology and others) can offer to the mankind realistic anti-aging plan, which consist of six main item (or factors). These factors (approaches) taken together can add up to 60 years to your life span, if you start this Plan young enough (say at age 20-30). But even if you start the Plan later (say at 45-60), you can still gain 20-30 healthy years to your life. Here in theoretical section of our web site we discuss these six factors of Anti-Aging Plan in details:

1. Calorie restriction and intermittent fasting
2. Antiaging nutrition
3. Antiaging drugs
4. Physical activity
5. High tech biomedicine
6. High standards of living

Anti-Aging Plan - your ultimate plan to stay young and healthy

Average life span increment 
Expert evaluation:

1. Periodic fasting and caloric restriction can add 40 - 50 years to your lifespan

2. Anti-aging nutrition (well balanced, healthy food, individually tailord diet) can add 15-25 years to your lifespan

3. Regular intake of anti-aging drugs can add 20-30 years to your lifespan

4. Regular exercise and physical activity can add 10-20 years to your lifespan 

5. High-tech bio-medicine service can add 15-25 years to your lifespan

6. High standards of living (good environement, prosperity, regular vocations etc.) can add 15-25 years to your lifespan

These approaches taken together can add 60-80 years to your lifespan, if you start young (say at age 20). But even if you only start later (say at 45-50), you can still gain 30-40 years
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