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Budget Self Catering Program  (available only in Hungary and Croatia)

Below the are approximate prices for 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks program, but you can choose any length of the program from minimum 5 days to 2 months. Cost of accommodation is included in water-fasting or caloric restriction program.

1 week program     900 EUR  in Hungary and 1300 EUR in Croatia  

2 weeks program  1300 EUR  in Hungary and 1900 EUR in Croatia

3 weeks program  1650 EUR  in Hungary and 2600 EUR in Croatia 

4 weeks program  1950 EUR  in Hungary and 3000 EUR in Croatia

Program includes:

-  Meeting at the airport and transfer to the apartment.
-  Accommodating in "SPA apartment", which is located in the center of Budapest. Apartment has body scale, Jacuzzi bath, electric  massager, some fitness equipment and   carbone dioxide controller.
-  Program planning.
-  Initial consulting with doctor, performing diagnostic tests if needed (extra cost).
-  Starting fasting or low-calorie program. Planning and recommendations: what and where to eat in re-feeding period. You may prepare meals yourself at home (in your apartment) or eat out at your discretion. As an option in your re-feeding period we can provide you with special service of delivering healthy food to your place by your request for extra cost.
-  First time accompanying to colon hydrotherapy, thermal bathes, massager (these procedures are paid additionally).
-  First time accompanying to jogging road on Margaret Island (famous city park).
-  First time accompanying to fitness center (using of fitness center is paid additionally).
-  Organizing city excursion.
-  Transfer to the airport after completing of the program.

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