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Budget Self Catering Program for wellness coach trainers as well as for averybody. (Available only in Hungary). 

Below the are approximate prices for 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks program, but you can choose any length of the program from minimum 5 days to 2 months. Cost of accommodation is included in water-fasting or caloric restriction program.

Please note: Our anti-aging programs are always tailored to meet individual needs.  
No groups! We do not gather groups and treat them in bulk like many other fasting retreats tend to do, which is obviously unprofessional. We take our client's particular diseases, condition and needs into account and develop a personally-tailored program to achieve the client's specific goals. Each person reacts differently to fasting and must therefore be supervised accordingly.

1 week program      1000 EUR  

2 weeks program  1700 EUR  

3 weeks program  2300 EUR  

4 weeks program  2900 EUR  

in July and August prices are 30% higher.

Program includes:

-  Meeting at the airport and transfer by car to the apartment (free of charge).
-  Accommodating in "Wellness apartment", which is located in the center of Budapest. Apartment has body scale, Jacuzzi bath, electric  massager, some fitness equipment.
-  Program planning.
-  Initial consulting with doctor. EKG test for free.
-  Starting water fasting or low-calorie program.
-  Planning and recommendations: what and where to eat in re-feeding period. We will afford 3 days of your re-feeding for free. After re-feeding period you may prepare meals yourself at home (in your apartment) or eat out at your discretion. 
-  First time accompanying to colon hydrotherapy, thermal bathes, massager (these procedures are paid additionally).
-  First time accompanying to jogging road on Margaret Island (famous city park).
-  First time accompanying to fitness center (using of fitness center is paid additionally).
-  Organizing city excursion.
-  Transfer to the airport by car for free after completing the whole program.

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