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E-Coaching of Anti-Aging Water Fasting Program

We are now offering e-coaching, and 24/7 online support for those who are for any reason not able to participate in person in our retreat fasting program locations. We recommend you to start our Cyclic Fasting Program from the comfort of your home using our e-coaching service and support system. Your coach will guide, recommend and support you through every step of your fasting journey, so you will never feel alone or lost what to do next.

Individual Cyclic Fasting Plan. 
To get started please complete our questionnaire (see below). All cyclic fasting programs tailored to the individual's health and well-being needs. Not all types of cyclic fasting are suitable for everyone. Once we received your questionnaire, we will be able to analyze your current health state and create the 'fasting plan' relevant to your individual health needs. This program will help you to get started to detox your body, refresh your mind and rejuvenate your soul. In addition to the health benefits mentioned, you can easily lose weight during your fast.  Therapeutic fasting will change your overall eating habits make it a healthier one. This mindset shift in your eating habits will help you to keep the weight off even after your fast ends.

How to start fasting? 
Fill out the questionnaire below. Please, when answering the questions be honest and as detailed as possible for the accurate result. Our group of nutritionists, fasting experts and medical doctors will check your data then we will suggest you with an individual fasting and diet program. Once your payment received your personalized anti-ageing Cyclic Fasting Progam will be sent to your inbox.

What is included in the e-coaching fasting program?
1)  You will get the detailed plan for each week or month. Plan: Step by step guide on water fasting and refeeding phase.
2)  You will get a 24/7 online access and support for one of our trained fasting e-coach. You can ask any questions about the fasting. Signing up for our e-coach program you will get the extra motivation to finish your fasting with great success!

Connect with us: 
By phone / whats up: +36306125826
Skype: roberttino3822

1 week   e-Coaching costs      100 EUR
2 weeks e-Coaching costs      150 EUR
3 weeks e-Coaching costs      200 EUR
4 weeks e-Coaching costs      250 EUR

e-Coaching Questionnaire


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