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Prolongation de la vie et traitement des maladies par le biais du jeûne périodique et de la restriction calorique -- le plus puissant plan anti-vieillissement, naturel et prouvé scientifiquement


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                         Prices: Budget Option

Approximate prices for budget option
(program plus accommodation in an apartment or 2-3 star hotel)* 

Below the are approximate prices for 1, 2 and 3 weeks program, but you can choose any length of the program from minimum 5 days to 2 months.

1 week:
1500 EUR - in Hungary (Budapest)
1700 EUR - in Croatia (Opatija,Makarska,Dubrovnik)
1700 EUR - in Cyprus

2 weeks:
2000 EUR - in Hungary
2700 EUR - in Croatia
2700 RUR - in Cyprus

3 weeks:
3000 EUR - in Hungary
3800 EUR - in Croatia
3800 EUR - in Cyprus

4 weeks:
2700 EUR - in Hungary
3800 EUR - in Croatia
3700 EUR - in Cyprus

These prices include accommodation, your specialized Anti-Aging Program, all treatments and procedures, excursions to the nearby world-famous thermal spas, massage treatments, and other exciting outings.**

To get an exact final quote for your stay in the program (per person, per night in Euros) please fill in our online questionnaire (booking form) and we will contact you shortly.

*Exact prices for the program vary, depending on  location of your program, type of accommodation, season (low/mid/peak), length of stay, and type and number of services.

**Patients who are on special medications that require medical supervision or who have complex medical conditions will be charged additional medical managment fees. The amount of such fees will depend on the individual circumstances.

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