Prolongation de la vie et traitement des maladies par le biais du jeûne périodique et de la restriction calorique -- le plus puissant plan anti-vieillissement, naturel et prouvé scientifiquement


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Anti-Aging Plan - your ultimate plan to stay young and healthy

Average life span increment
Expert evaluation:

Periodic fasting and caloric restriction can add 40 - 50 years to your lifespan

Regular intake of anti-aging drugs can add 20-30 years to your lifespan
Anti-aging nutrition (well balanced, healthy food, individually tailord diet) can add 15-25 years to your lifespan
High-tech bio-medicine service can add 15-25 years to your lifespan
High standards of living (good environement, prosperity, regular vocations etc.) can add 15-25 years to your lifespan
Regular exercise and physical activity can add 10-20 years to your lifespan
These approaches taken together can add 60-80 years to your lifespan, if you start young (say at age 20). But even if you only start later (say at 45-50), you can still gain 30-40 years

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