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The 8 Steps Of The Fasting And Cleansing Program

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We do not wish to take away your freedom during your anti-aging program. You will be free to live your normal life, but you will follow strictly your individual and 100% customized anti-aging program. We will be nearby to assist you every minute with our fully qualified staff. Today, the world unquestionably is at the beginning of a new epoch – an epoch of the postmodern, an epoch of revolutionary scientific breakthroughs. This is the century of information technology and nano-technology. Time is being squeezed and accelerated at the same time. People become more and more transient, independent, and atomized. Modern humans travel a lot and don’t want to live and work in one place for too long – they want to see more places and experience as much as possible. Since the internet appeared and spread throughout the world, people are ready and able to work online from any place of the world.

We have taken into account this new lifestyle and it is one of the distinctive characteristics of our treatment – mobility and geographical flexibility. Our “Anti-Aging Cyclic Fasting” programs are not planted forever in one place. We are not a brick and mortar clinic as other retreats are. Now, our modern guests are not obliged to stick to one geographic location or stay in an expensive hospital, clinic, holiday hotel or retreat and spend all their time in one place.

Sorry, but we don’t take on very sick patients who are confined to bed, or to a wheel-chair, neither do we accept very old people. We encourage relatively healthy people, often middle aged or young people, often overweight, who want to change their unhealthy lifestyle to join, get cleansed of contaminants in their body and start a new life without diseases and untimely aging. Clients who apply our method do not spend 24 hours in a confined facility, but they live freely as typical tourists on holiday, in hotels or apartments depending on their desires.

To make Anti-Aging Cyclic Fasting program a reality in a chosen destination, we needed only a few necessary things: highly-qualified local medical doctor, a nutritionist, psychologist or trained assistant with an optimistic view on life, and finally a great cook who can prepare tasty anti-aging dishes made strictly to our specifications.

Concerning the geographical destination of the programs – this is up to our guests.
We are prepared to offer a variety of options: Hungary, Croatia, Cyprus and France. Our only requirements are that the place is beautiful, comfortable, safe and able to save patients from too much stress and inconvenience. Our company “Anti-Aging Centre Europe”, intends to expand the geographical area of its anti-aging programs. We cannot be content to be at just one place in the fast paced 21st century. In addition, it is possible to implement our method through Internet consultation, but this can be done only after fulfilling at least one program session in one of our resorts.

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